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About Arigato® Holistic Skin Care

All Arigato Holistic Skin Care products contain food grade ingredients and are hand made in small batches. Our products are non irritating and free of synthetics, chemicals and toxins. Every Arigato product is safe for all skin ages, colors and disorders!

Our name has roots in the Japanese culture. When formulating and producing all Arigato products, we practice Reiki, a Japanese healing technique which channels energy to restore physical and emotional well-being. Arigato means “Thank You” in the Japanese language and the word holistic means the consideration of the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. At Arigato, we follow this philosophy in our profession, with our families, and in our personal recoveries and skin disorders.

Chinese Face Mapping applies the understanding that everything on the outside mirrors what is going on inside the body. In our work as professional estheticians, producing (and using) the cleanest, most anti-allergen and anti-aging ingredients/formulations on the market, is the fundamental basis of Arigato Holistic Skin Care.

Arigato® Chinese Face Mapping
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How your skin feels on synthetic beauty products.
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About Angela

Founder of Arigato® Holistic Skin Care
Master Holistic Esthetician • Reiki Healer

As a Master Holistic Esthetician at Accolades Salon/Spa, located in St. Paul, MN, I utilize all I have learned, helping countless women, men and children embrace Arigato Holistic Skin Care products. At home and in the salon, both clients and our partner salon’s professionals, experience the benefits of Arigato’s all natural, healing skin care products.

Over 20 years ago I studied at The Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, MN, which put me on the endless path of studying alternative medicines, holistic diet and nutrition, and becoming certified as a Master Holistic Esthetician. I continued to seek out countless services and seminars on allergies of all kinds, and became a certified Reiki Healer using stones, crystals and colors for healing.

I continue to shun today’s beauty product mass industry (as we know it) as I tackle my own severe skin disorder, all of which has been toxic, dehydrating, and aging.

Through all of this experience, I’ve learned that in the high tech world we live in, all humans need a healing touch and nurturing products to achieve optimal health and balance in their lives.

Please email me for a free skin care consultation and product recommendation.