Arigato® Holistic Skin Care

Arigato® Holistic Skin Care is a simplistic line of food grade oils and herbal waters for all skin types and disorders, is hand produced in small batches and follows the philosophy “like cures like” to reveal healthy, glowing skin, for optimal and complete body health.

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What Is Holistic?

Holistic is the consideration of the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Producing (and using!) the cleanest, most anti-allergen and anti-aging ingredients and formulations on the market, is the fundamental basis of Arigato Holistic Skin Care.

Because every human is different, Angela, the founder of Arigato, will help educate you on your skin care needs. Please feel free to contact her!

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Arigato® Holistic Skin Care treats Acne

Synthetic hair/skin care products can cause acne by suffocating skin tissue and trapping toxins.

Dairy can cause acne by creating mucus in the lungs and weakens the gut and intestines, showing up on the face and body. Chemicals used topically and internally can cause dehydration and skin needs food grade oils to restore itself and become healthy.

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Our Reiki Facials or Hibiscus Peels make you tilt your head back and GLOW

“I love Arigato facials to hydrate my super dry skin and the reiki helps guide me in my recovery from addiction."

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Arigato® Chinese Face Mapping

Holistic, Chemical-free, Natural Skin Care

For the founder of Arigato, the practice of Chinese Face Mapping has been a powerful tool for understanding people, their skin, and how their body functions. Chinese Face Mapping applies the understanding that everything on the outside mirrors what is going on inside the body.

Considering that our skin is our largest organ, which makes up the canvas of our external body, it only makes sense that if something is wrong with it, something is likely to be wrong with the internal organs as well. Disorders of the skin like pimples, rashes, or change of skin color/tone can signify an internal issue that needs to be addressed in order to heal the skin and achieve optimal health.

More specifically, the face is one of the many microcosms in the body which guides us to the internal workings of the body.

Used by Salon Professionals

Our customers who benefit from Arigato® Holistic Skin Care products at home and in our partner salons during facials and other salon/spa treatments, are not the only people who benefit from our all natural, non toxic products. Many Arigato products are highly recommended and used by our salon/spa professionals to treat and restore a number of skin ailments which may be caused or aggravated by constant hand washing, mani/pedi services and/or products used in the hair care industry.

“My favorite part of Arigato products is that you know exactly what is going onto your skin. You can actually pronounce the ingredients and know it’s good for you. I also love including it into my salon services for that extra touch and to introduce clients to the line!”   – Chloe

“I love Arigato because it gives me peace of mind knowing that I am giving my skin only what it needs and not loading it with chemicals that will age my skin faster. Also, my skin has never been so clear and people compliment me that my skin glows!”  – Josey

“I like how versatile it is. I use it on my skin, in my hair, I blend other oils in to it. My favorite product is Xcreama. It’s so hydrating Just a little here and there and ta-da!!”  – Ben

“Arigato has changed my skin! I don’t want to live without it!”  – Jenny

“Ever since I was introduced to Surf Skin my never ending journey to find something to help my grossly dry, flakey skin has finally ended. Surf Skin is the Bomb!!”  – Megan

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